Justin Taylor

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Miami, FL

Justin Taylor, MD, is a tenure-track Assistant Professor and member of the Cancer Epigenetics program at the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Taylor lab studies the role of recurrent mutations in hematologic malignancies and how to target them with novel therapeutics using animal modeling, molecular biology and single-cell genomic techniques. The central focus of the lab is on understanding MDS biology. Specifically, they are currently investigating spliceosome mutations and the impact of XPO1 inhibitors on MDS cell survival. Dr. Taylor also holds a faculty position in the Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology where he sees patients with hematologic malignancies. He has published several original research articles as either first or last author in the past year in the following journals: Cancer Discovery, JCO Precision Oncology, Lancet Haematology, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Blood and Nature Genetics. He is the principal investigator on grants sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, American Society of Hematology, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Edward P. Evans Foundation for MDS.